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   When shipping birds to us for mounting, please follow these guidelines:


  • Wrap birds individually in siran wrap or a plastic bag, and then wrap again in newspaper.
  • Tag each bird with this information:  Your name, the bird species, your phone #, address, hunting license # and your email address.   (Can be as simple as taping a card or paper to outside of wrapped bird)
  • Place the bird/birds in a shipping box.  1) Surround them fully (wrapping) in insulation;  and then 2)  if more stability is needed, surround the 'insulated' bird with newspaper balls, bubble wrap or/or packing peanuts.
  • Call, email or text us to get our mailing address, and to let us know when they will be shipped.
  • Ship FROZEN on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure they get to us by the end of the week (and still froze)
  • We recommend shipping via FedEx or Speedee.




    When we ship bird mounts to you, we follow these procedures: 


  •   Screw bottom or back of mount 'base' to a thin board
  •   Screw that board (that the bird mount is now attached to) to the inside                bottom of  the box
  •   Surround the mount with packing peanuts (now that it is fully secured IN &   TO the box)
  •   Secure the out side of the box with tape and attach your mailing label
  •   We almost always ship via FedEx or Speedee



How to Find       

BK Taxidermy 

In the South Metro Area, MN  

Phone: 952-564-5445   

Additional Info

BK Taxidermy is located in the  South Metro Minnesota area, but serves anyone from anywhere in the lower 48 United States!!    Please  ask about shipping,  & other service options that can be provided!!



You can contact BK Taxidermy ANY time,  then come by arrangement within 24 hours (usually between 8 am & 6 pm)

Exciting News

  Almost half of BK Taxidermy customers are now from out-of-state!   Each and every customer matters to us.    We value every single person & conversation - whether in person, on the phone or in an email.  Thank you so much for your business!


We strive for utmost quality while maintaining affordable prices.


We look forward to our next conversation with each of you!



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